One Year Anniversary; How National Productivity Centre Is Aligning with President Tinubu’s Agenda.

One Year Anniversary; How National Productivity Centre Is Aligning with President Tinubu’s Agenda.


The National Productivity Centre NPC leadership under Dr Nasir Raji Mustapha has strategically aligned and synchronized by reviewing its activities/plans for 2021-2025 with the 8 priority areas under the present administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu Renewed Hope Agenda.

The decision to revise it’s strategic direction was to enhance a productive society, efficiency and economic prosperity across all sectors in tandem with the new administration that came on board in May , 29, 2023.

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With a focus and template of inculcating the Performance Management System (PMS) into the public service that led to the convening of ‘performance bond’ by the present administration particularly the top government officials, that is impacting positively one year down the line.

The ‘performance bond ‘ introduced by the Renewed Hope Agenda administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has opened a chapter of healthy competition among Ministries, Departments and Agencies of government evidenced in the ongoing sectoral presentation of score card to mark the one year anniversary.

With the initiatives, among many other activities of government, no doubt in the last one year, there has been significant change in government activities that will guarantee national development, with the centre playing a pivotal role to drive growth and development on the long run.

The centre through research, training and capacity building in line with it’s mandate had embarked on thorough consultations and assessment to ensure the goals and activities are in line with the strategic vision of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The National Productivity Centre with proactive measure and decision will strengthen its programs so as to impact the relevant economic , political and policy thrust of the present administration in line with the new goals.

No doubt, in the last one year, the centre has not only redoubled its statutory roles and functions, but through advisory roles advocated the introduction of ‘Performance link wages’ to the public service to enhance genuine productivity.

The performance link wage will not only encourage performance, but will douse agitations for frequent wage review, as public service will be operated on the performance of workers at all levels through remuneration not minding gades and salary levels.

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu
President Bola Ahmed Tinubu

With the new template, workers on the same grade level will be rated and remunerated on ‘performance ‘ in line with what is obtainable in developed and developing countries with Nigeria not left out, to sustain economic growth and sustainable development.

The centre in line with the Presidential goals also proposed the automation of the entire system and process to reduce to the barest minimum human interference, so s to enhance transparency and accountability in the public discourse and system.

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To match words with actions , the centre during it’s recent 5th National Productivity Summit advocated on the application of “Science, Technology and Innovation” , as panacea to both social, economic and political prosperity in accordance with the global practices.

Having articulated the 8 priority areas and streamlined with the mandate and initiatives of the centre, it is obvious that subsequently alot would be achieved by the present administration capable of reviving all facets of our National life.