13 Years Lingering Shell Bonga Oil Field Explosion: Concerned Communities Victims Issue 21 Days Ultimatum to SNEPCO

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13 Years Lingering Shell Bonga Oil Field Explosion: Concerned Communities Victims Issue 21 Days Ultimatum to SNEPCO

By Wilson Macaulay

Thirteen Years into the Lingering Shell Bonga Oil Field Explosion which occurred in OML 118 in the Niger Delta SNEPCO being the Operator has cause devastating effect Particularly in Delta, Bayelsa and Rivers State, due to the unbearable situation, Victims of the concerned communities have Issued a 21 Day Ultimatum to SNEPCO

The Concerned Group named Peace Development Security and Humanitarian Rights Association of Niger Deltans, under the leadership of Comrade Mike JK Tiemo as President, Comrade Wilson M. Vwerhokor as Secretary, Mr. Durojaiye Ogunsemore PRO, Comrade Graham Abulu , Logistics/ National Mobilizing Officer, the Victims of the Shell Bonga Oil Field explosion stated that the stern ultimatum to Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company (SNEPCO) became necessary because
it has been thirteen long years since the catastrophic explosion of the Bonga Oil Field occurred.

The Group stressed that the ugly
incident resulted in significant environmental degradation and profound socioeconomic negative impact on their Communities lamenting that despite all efforts made to make SNEPCO under take compensation and rehabilitation for the victims have largely remained futile.

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The Group asserted: “The suffering of our people cannot be overstated, for thirteen years, we have endured the consequences of the Bonga Oil Field explosion without any iota of redress,”

Comrade Mike JK Tiemo, President of the Peace Development Security and Humanitarian Rights Association of Nigeria Deltans
stated : “Our communities have been left wallowing in poverty, grappling with health issues, economic hardship, and environmental degradation.”

The Group President stressed that the affected communities, mainly fishermen, farmers, and other local residents, have faced dire consequences following the oil spill which resulted from the explosion that destroyed our means of livelihood, marine and aquatic life, essential for sustenance and good living..

The Group lamented that a letter dated 30th of May 2024 which was addressed to the Managing Director, SNEPCO, and other frustrated good effort to alleviate the living standard of the 20th December 2011 Bonga Oil Field Explosion victims have fallen on deaf ears as all efforts failed to yield any good result.

The Group posited : ” In response to the prolonged neglect, which has built up economic woes for the victims, the Peace Development Security and Humanitarian Rights Association of Niger Deltans representing the affected communities, hereby issue a 21-Day Ultimatum to SNEPCO. The ultimatum demands immediate action on compensation payments,, Clean – up, comprehensive environmental remediation, and sustainable development initiatives to restore the affected Victims and Communities.

The Statement emphasized:
“We demand justice and accountability from SNEPCO. This ultimatum is not just a plea but a strong affirmation of our resolve to seek redress and amicable resolution for the injustices inflicted upon the concerned victims.”

The Niger Delta Humanitarian Group highlighted the communities readiness to explore all legal and peaceful measures to escalate their actions if SNEPCO fails to respond and comply within the stipulated time frame.”

They stressed that the affected communities deserved nothing less but justice and full compensation.

The aforementioned association also called on relevant government agencies, including the National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA), to intensify their oversight function and ensure SNEPCO’s compliance with environmental regulations and compensation commitments in the interest of the Bonga spill victims.

As the ultimatum period begins, affected communities members and activists remain cautiously hopeful that their demands will finally be met.

They emphasized in the declaration Statement that this is a pivotal moment in their ongoing struggle for justice and restoration.

For now, the affected communities await SNEPCO’s response, as they are prepared to take further action if necessary to secure their rights and rebuild their lives from the devastation caused by the Bonga Oil Field explosion which resulted into massive oil spill .