Nigerian Governor's Wife who prefer Farming

Nigerian Governor’s Wife who prefer Farming

By Daniel Ezeigwe

It is highly commendable and encouraging seeing wife of Nigerian Governor dedicating herself into farming. This will send a signal that farming is a way out and only remedy to economic downturn in Nigeria.

There’s hardly any first lady in today’s Nigeria who would gladly give up the tempting choice of political and social popularity or being flamboyantly addressed as “Her Excellency,” to take a path of modest prominence and political invisibility. Since the dawn of the present administration in Anambra State, the governor’s wife, Nonye Soludo, has strictly stayed on a unique lane that most political critics describe as rare.

But it’s not her involuntary approach to life, including politics and social occupation, that makes her different from her peers. Nonye Soludo’s life’s history is neatly knitted in strong principles of contentment, humility, simplicity, modesty, and propriety. Nonye Soludo does not err. Her late mother, Mrs Gloria Uzoamaka Ezenwanne (Mmiliguluegu), a renowned educationist and disciplinarian, raised her five children to understand to see the world from distinct position. Where other governors’ wives see opportunity for political relevance, Nonye Soludo sees an avenue to impact lives. Where they see flamboyance, Soludo’s wife sees modesty.

Lately, Mrs Soludo has ventured into farming, a vocation she runs with a kind of energy and passion that inspire everyone who’s paying attention. Yet you barely need to pay attention to be infected with this good woman’s idyllic way of life. The pictures you see on social media only tell a minimal portion of the story. Behind the scenes, Nonye Soludo lives like a sinless monk who wants her life to be recorded in the great book of quotes. You can not come in contact with Nonye Soludo and leave as you came. Never! Everything she does leaves a great lesson for humanity.

Soludo’s wife has just added agriculture to her many vocations. Though it was not something she started today, the governor’s wife is deliberately using this one to inspire people to embrace agriculture as a very lucrative venture. With her two eyes solely focused on family and her healthy living crusade, Nonye is re-defining the position of a governor’s wife in a manner that history will count as remarkably exemplary.

Governors’ wives have come and gone, but never have we seen the one who sacrificed prominence on the altar of self-effacingness. It’s Nonye Soludo; the governor’s wife, who chose to farm.

Source: Anambra First