Christopher Tosin Oni: The Remarkable Hands That Leaves A Mark


    “The Good news is that the good people of Kogi west sensational district have finally found a messiah in person of Christopher Tosin Oni who is ready to provide quality representation at the senate come 2023.”

    The works of this great philanthropist Mr. Christopher Tosin Oni have been unveiled by well-meaning Kogites and particularly those of the western senatorial district of Kogi State, calling on him to replicate such a great character of molding a resounding society in governance.

    The measurement of impact lies in the ability of a man to create a lasting imprint in the heart of whoever destiny brings across his path. It is also sometimes measured by the consistency in the acts of a man towards whatever benefits mankind.

    Christopher Tosin Oni popularly known as “FARAMEBI” represents an emerging breed of new generation leaders whose daily acts are about doing good. The young man is an embodiment of a mixture of the youth o’ clock mantra and a custodian of milk of human kindness. Watching from afar how he has been going about underground registering indelible prints across the terrains of Kogi west senatorial district, one seems to get amazed as to how such rare gestures are done silently in a country where politicians love followers to blow their trumpet so loud even across borders of areas of interest.

    Kogi West senatorial district is likely going to be on a path of regaining its glory back to the path of a genuine developmental journey with folks like Christopher Tosin oni as he has in a little while being around crested his name in the historical plagues of Kogi west.

    Though the Kogi west senatorial district comprises of the good people of Okun Nation, and the lokoja/Koto Axis have been having a handful of representatives at the red chamber with the likes of Distinguished Senator Tunde Ogbeha, Smart Adeyemi, Dino Melaye, and It is, however, laughable that the pace of development of this district “I wouldn’t say it’s nothing to write home about but has been slow and does not match the expectations of the people.

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    Opinion molders have consistently demanded more deliberate efforts from their representatives to increase their level of commitment to the pact signed with the people.

    Events in yagba federal Constituency and lokoja Koton-karfe axis lately have shown the inputs of people-oriented programs and interventions funded and successfully implemented by the man Christopher Oni. Several women have benefitted from his small-scale business startup empowerment, soft loans have been given to youths to start-up businesses, and several hospital bills cleared of late. Hints were also in the air that the young man is planning a skill acquisition program with cash backing for set up to ensure those trained are established. All this running into millions of naira.

    Aside from the fact that Christopher Oni is a vibrant youth who happens to be a strong supporter and believer of the presidential ambition of His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Bello which he has consistently made a considerable investment, his connection with the grassroots is unrivaled as information has it that he frequently says that ” the grassroots are his focus”.

    Feelers also from party men across the senatorial district show that he is a man whom the party is comfortable with. A party man once described him as “someone who looks peaceful and trustworthy” with a zeal to impact lives.

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    As the electoral calendar draws nearer, I pray that wisdom prevails on the leadership of the party he belongs to for them to see the potentials deposited in this man called Christopher Oni as in him the sustainable prosperity of the good people of Kogi west lies. I also pray that the people of Kogi West get it right this time.

    Christopher Tosin Oni
    Christopher Tosin Oni

    Finally, I join my voice to that of thousands of his admirers to call on him to forge ahead in his quest to restore the lost glory of Kogi west.

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