Charity begins at home: APC a scam waiting to be rejected by Edo voters 

Dr. Asue Ighodalo and Sen. Monday Okpebholo

Charity begins at home: APC a scam waiting to be rejected by Edo voters 

I wonder how the APC’s manifesto in Edo state will look like based on the hardship the party has melted on the good people of Nigeria.
How will the APC, convince the average Edo state indigene who could not afford the daily three square meals anymore.

How can we trust a party who has turned the life of our parents to something else. Parents can no longer ask their children if they are satisfied after eating while some will not even ask if their children had eaten not to talk about being satisfied….

Voting the APC into power in Edo State is equivalent to voting for more hardship. No wonder the gubernatorial candidate of the party in Edo State cannot publicly highlight his plans (if he has one) for the good people of Edo state.

APC is a real scam to Nigeria, may APC not happen to us in Edo state.

All we ask for is that Barr, Asuelime Ighodalo be cited into power as the next Governor of Edo State.Check through the current blue print of the PDP in Edo State, put the Midas touch to it and make necessary amendments to the good works the PDP is currently carrying out in Edo state rather than going back to square zero of hardship of the APC.

Edo State PDP Guber candidate, Asue Ighodalo (AI) expected in Italy, on Monday

My fellow Edolites, this is not the issue of egoism or being biased, let’s sit down critically and examine the two political parties as well as their candidates critically to see who we really need.

One represents hardship while the other represents hope.

Vote Asuelime Ighodalo as the next Governor of Edo State 2024