Edo 2024: Imperatives of Ighodalo’s Diasporan Engagements

Edo 2024: Imperatives of Ighodalo's Diasporan Engagements

Edo 2024: Imperatives of Ighodalo’s Diasporan Engagements

By Osagie Imasogie

In 2021, Nigerians in the diaspora sent home $19.9 billion in remittances, more than the country’s earnings from Foreign Direct Investment, FDI. Families used the funds to cover basic needs such as food, education, healthcare for their relatives and communities back home. And it is also a significant source of investment capital for businesses and entrepreneurs, in addition to creating jobs and boosting the economy.

When the Edo State citizens in the diaspora, therefore, invest in Edo State, they create new jobs and increase economic activity. They help to reduce poverty.

There are also records of Diaspora investments which have helped to develop infrastructure and improve public services in the state. These investments can and have helped to intervene in building of new roads, bridges, schools, hospitals and other essential infrastructure. It is also on record that diaspora investments have helped to improve public services such as healthcare, community halls, boreholes, skill acquisition centres and education in local communities in Edo State.

Some critical sectors of the Edo State economy are particularly attractive to diaspora investments such as the real estate, healthcare, education, technology, agriculture, manufacturing and tourism.

In Edo State, apart from the economic value which the diaspora remittances bring, the community plays a significant role in influencing the pattern of voting back home. So it is, therefore, critical and significant that the PDP candidate engages with as many citizens as possible in the diaspora one-on-one because of both the economic and political advantages.

Edo 2024: Ighodalo receives Hero’s welcome in Europe, meets Edo in Diaspora

The meetings which Dr Asue Ighodalo would be having with members of the communities are designed to provide platforms for Edo State citizens in the Diaspora, especially Europe, to participate in open and honest conversation about the future of their state. Ighodalo will use the opportunity to discuss his commitment, when elected, to transparency, government of inclusivity, encourage the diasporans about enabling environment for investment, and policies that will be enacted to help grow and develop the state.

According to a statement by his media team, Ighodalo expressed joy and happiness as he looked forward to the meetings.

“I am excited to personally invite all my fellow Edolites to join me on Monday in Reggio Emilia, Milan, Italy.

“Let’s come together and discuss our visions and aspirations for our state. Your voices matter, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on how we can move forward together”.