Edo 2024: Why APC’s Okpebholo is avoiding September election?

Edo State APC Governorship candidate, Senator Monday Okpebholo

Edo 2024: Why APC’s Okpebholo is avoiding September election?

By Osagie Imasogie

A disturbing question is currently sweeping through Edo State ahead of the September 21 governorship election. On almost every lip now is, “why is APC trying everything to avoid a one-one- contest in the September 21st gubernatorial election with Dr Asue Ighodalo, candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, by cutting corners and pulling all the strings to ensure that he is stopped from participating by all means?”

The reason, of course, is not far-fetched. The All Progressive Congress, APC, is projecting a defeat already for several reasons. First, the party has administered itself with a major dose of vermin by featuring a candidate that is not only lukewarm, passive, tepid, feeble, unenthusiastic… But also lacks the necessary requisite of competence and capacity to rule over the good and sophisticated people of Edo State. The APC leader in the state, Senator Adams Oshiomhole, recently agreed publicly that Okpebholo is suffering from “Slowed Engine,” an acknowledgement seen by analysts as admission of Okpebholo’s gross incompetence.

The people of Edo State will not settle for someone who does not know and cannot differentiate between a zoo and museum.

Secondly, the APC has inflicted untold economic hardship on the good people of Nigeria to the extent that no Edo State citizen is ready to carry the ant-invested APC to their homes by casting their votes for the party.

Under the watch of APC, Nigerians have gone beggarly by eating from hand to mouth and thumping waste bins for food. What other kind of wickedness can a party visit on the people within 9 years?

It is on this self-defeatist awareness that the APC has become sceptical of going to the polls by September against the most popular candidate in the election – Dr Asue Ighodalo of the PDP. It is laughable that on this basis the APC instituted 9 law suits by proxies targeting Ighodalo and praying he should be disqualified from the election on frivolous claims.

The Ighodalo’s PDP in Edo State is focused on its promised issue-based campaigns and has been wooing voters from the APC and Labour Party, LP, in their thousands across the 18 Local Government Areas, LGAs. The Party is unperturbed with all the APC’s distractions because there is a task ahead to make Edo State greater than it is today.