Edo 2024: Asue Ighodalo, in a league of his own

Edo 2024: Asue Ighodalo, in a league of his own

By Clememt Asuelimhen

In the run-up to the Edo gubernatorial elections, one name has rightfully dominated the conversation – Barr Asue Ighodalo. While skeptics might dismiss the hype, a closer look reveals a candidate who embodies what voters are seeking.

With his legal background and corporate expertise, Ighodalo isn’t just another candidate; he’s a legal heavyweight who knows the ins and outs of the corporate world.
His firm Banwo and Ighodalo has won numerous African/ International awards and have over 100 staff in their employment.

His track record in corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions speaks volumes about his ability to drive growth and navigate complexities.

But what sets him apart is not just his impressive resume; it’s his genuine connection with the people.
We have followed round many rallies and meetings, there is a consistency and innate sense of humility and brotherhood that we cannot deny.

Unlike his rivals, Ighodalo doesn’t just talk to the youth; he engages with them, both on campuses and online. His media presence is head and shoulders above all other candidates, with appearances across TV, radio, and social media, he even does social media challenges and trends.

He is an avid sports fan and watches matches with youths in their hundreds. That connection to their generation ensures his message reaches every corner of the state.

Innovation is his game. From catchy hashtags to trending challenges, his campaign isn’t just about speeches; it’s about capturing hearts and minds in creative ways. And it’s working. His grassroots appeal is undeniable, uniting party stakeholders and resonating with voters from all walks of life.
We are seeing a lot of people on the political fence pitch tent with him, even strongholds of the opposition have aligned with him, some defecting entirely This unison is unprecedented and a clear pointer to his imminent landslide victory.

But it’s not just about charisma. Ighodalo’s endorsement by party chieftains and party stakeholders across Edo State, speaks volumes about his credibility and acceptance within the party and political circles. His glaring commitment to economic progress and fairness is evident, addressing the call for equity and representing all voices in the state.

His winning the PDP primaries with 577 votes from a possible 584 votes against heavyweights and past public office holders, (having emerged from the most credible ward congress), underscores his strong support from the party structures at the grassroots.

As if that is not enough, while some other contestants have certificate issues, trying to infuse more Edo sounding names into their nomenclature, Asue Ighodalo stems from a very rich family history and pedigree.

His father, Jeremiah Ighodalo (1922–2012), was the 1st Ewohimi person to complete secondary school and get an Accounting degree in the UK

His mother Folayegbe Ighodalo (Nee Akintunde) 1923 –2005, was the 1st Nigerian woman to be Perm Sec in Nigerian civil service (1968), this strong family could not have been calculated, Asue Ighodalo is the beneficiary of the unseen hand of God , guiding him, preparing him to take Edo state higher and higher.

Ighodalo is the complete package. His tireless work ethic and genuine concern for the people sets him apart as a candidate who’s not just prepared, but genuinely vested in the future of Edo State.

I have said all this indisputable and irrefutable facts, to say .

Asue Ighodalo is not just another candidate; he is the candidate Edo needs. You can hardly believe that a candidate can be this prepared , this honest, no smokescreens , have youth and women appeal, fortunate, vast, have proven track record in the corporate world, as a legal luminary and happen to just come from the region that the voice of equity calls for.

No army on earth, no force can stop an idea whose time has come.

Hon Engr Clememt Asuelimhen is the Chairman, Igueben Local Government Area.